Airless Tip

Airless Tip


  • Delavan Carbide Tips are specifically designed and tested for all airless paint spraying applications.
  • Design and manufacturing techniques used on the Delavan Airless Tips are based specifically on the industry’s need for high performance standards using viscous materials etc.
  • Carbide Tips are being used on all types of airless equipment and applications. Continued research assures all users of quality unsurpassed in the industry.
  • The Carbide Tip material selected for use is the highest quality, wear resistant material now available.
  • Every Airless Tip is checked to ensure calibration, and all other design features are achieved on every Tip before leaving the factory.


  • Airless Tip orifices are elliptical in shape. The term “equivalent orifice diameter” refers to a circular orifice diameter which will provide the same flow rates as the elliptical orifice. The equivalent orifice diameter does not indicate the actual orifice dimensions.
  • The flow rates of Delavan Airless Tips are given in US GPM based on water at the pressures shown. Capacities would vary to some degree on other liquids.
  • The pattern width dimension is the nominal pattern width of each Airless Tip when tested on a coating material of 20 seconds – #4 Zahn cup viscosity at 1500 PSI at a distance of 12″ from the Tip.

Maximum design pressure is 500 Bar.G.

Capacity Charts

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