• The unique swirl chamber is the hear of Delavan’s Mini-SDX nozzle design. The single inlet spiral configuration produces a natural, free vortex pattern. Friction is minimized, permitting 10-20% lower operating pressure than conventional slotted distributor nozzles. This lengthens both pump and nozzle life.


  • The Mini-SDX nozzle produces a hollow cone spray pattern with relatively uniform droplet size and particle distribution.
  • Nominal spray angle is 70°-75°.
  • Flow rates on water at 69 Bar.G. range from as low as 24.2 litres/hour to as high as 208 litres/hour, depending on nozzle size.


  • Five part construction (see part and material list below).
  • The orifice disc, a pressed fit insert, is recessed to protect against damage if dropped or hit.
  • Wrench tighten only when replacing orifice disc by pressing into nozzle body with assembly tool, otherwise no wrench tightening should be done during assembly. Wrench tightening may result in fracture of the swirl chamber.
  • The patented single inlet swirl chamber minimizes plugging and maximizes particle uniformity.
  • The Viton O-Ring seal allows assembly and disassembly without tools.
  • Only assembly tool (P/N 36386) is needed for changing the pressed fit orifice disc.


  • When ordering specify the following:
  • 1) *Assembly part number from capacity chart*
    *or 2) Part numbers of individual items.*

Max. Design Pressure: 350 Bar.G.
Max. Design Temperature: 150°.

Capacity Charts