Delavan's Bypass™ nozzle has won an Honours Award in the Vaaler Awards competition held by Chemical Processing magazine. The product was judged as a major contribution toward more efficient and effective operation of plants in chemical processing industries.


  • Evaporative cooling, chemical processing.


  • Flow rate is changed by means of a bypass valve without varying the supply pressure of using atomizing air or gas. (See flow diagram).
  • Reduces the number of nozzles needed when gas inlet temperatures vary.
  • In a bypass system, a portion of the input liquid may be diverted through a return line by means of a bypass valve. As the valve is opened, the total input flow increases. Delavan's Bypass™ nozzle's patented design minimizes this flow growth to avoid excessive pumping requirements and hydraulic power consumption. The input flow increase (when bypass valve is opened) can be as low as 15%.
  • Nozzle can be located in high temperature zone and connected by concentric piping to adaptor in cool area.

Construction and Materials

  • Large passages, to minimize restriction and to avoid clogging.
  • Nozzle cap and body easily removed from adaptor.
  • Available in 316 L Stainless Steel only.

Order Example

  • Refer to capacity chart for part numbers.

Maximum Design Pressure: 56 Bar.G.
Maximum Design Temperature: 540° (Bypass™ Nozzle), 150° (Adaptor).

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