Construction and Materials

  • In line design, manufactured in 3/4" BSPT Male Thread only.
  • The front of the nozzle is threaded 3/4" BSPP for socket or plate mounting to allow Installation through the floor of a vessel.
  • Pintle design can be varied to allow for different spray angles
  • Manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel as standard with 302 Stainless Steel spring.
  • Other materials to special order.


  • Cleaning the base of mash tuns the brewing industry. The PU Nozzle sits flush in the base of the mash tun and at the end of the brewing process the tanks are drained leaving the mash waste at the bottom. The spring loaded nozzles open under pressure, clean the surrounding area and retract at the end of the wash cycle eliminating the chance of blockages with in the nozzles

Order Example

  • 3/4" PU 80 Stainless Steel.

Maximum Recommended Pressure: 14 Bar.G.

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