SDX® Accessories

Cone Faced Body

These are designed to prevent build up on the front face of the nozzle body. Available in other angles and materials upon request.

Check Valves

There are several versions of non drip check valves available for the SDX® V range of nozzles, please contact the factory for further information.

Butt Weld Adaptor

We offer the butt weld adaptor in a range of standard pipe sizes, angle configurations and lengths, with custom designs available upon request. Ensure that adaptor welds are carried out to the appropriate safety approvals and standards.

Seal Kits

We supply seal kits for the SDX® V Nozzle in various materials. Each kit comprises of 10 of each seal. Delavan recommends that seals are changed after each run.

O-Ring Temperature Aptitude Graph (°C)

The O-ring, otherwise known as Toroidal Seal, is an exceptionally versatile sealing device. Delavan-supplied O-rings are of the highest quality currently available on the market and are specified specifically for our nozzle components. This data sheet offers Delavan O-ring consumers a range of performance and compatibility data from our standard supply materials. We recognize that not all applications are suitable for these standard, readily available materials and offer alternatives to suit individual applications on request. We are also able to offer FDA (Food and Drug Association) approved materials accompanied by
a certificate.

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