Swirl-Air™ – Concentric In Line


Liquid enters the nozzle axially, coming in contact with a tangentially introduced stream of air/gas or steam in the nozzle mixing chamber. The liquid impinges on the pintle plate and the interaction of gas and liquid creates extreme turbulence in the chamber. The swirling liquid, seeking an exit, impinges against the walls and distributor plate and then flows through the venturi-shaped orifice, where the droplets are exposed to extreme shear forces before impinging against a circular deflector ring and leaving the nozzle as a finely atomized spray cone. The deflector ring is held in position by a cone projecting from the distributor plate. This method eliminates struts that could interfere with the spray pattern. The progressive application of shear and inertial forces within the nozzle provide for a relatively high nozzle efficiency.

Construction and Materials

  • The nozzles have a two piece construction; the nozzle body, plus an integral deflector ring and cap that is easily removable without disturbing pipe connections.
  • There are no external struts or supports to interfere with spray patterns.
  • Standard configurations are available in 316L Stainless Steel and 440 Stainless Steel. Other materials such as Hastelloy C276 and Inconel 600 are available.

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