A new product with a LONG HISTORY of Total Control

Delavan's new Variable Coating Nozzle™ offers total control for demanding Applications including those in the pharmaceutical, food and engineering industries. The VCN™ design allows the width of the spray, the atomizing air and the flow of the liquid all to be controlled independently and remotely.

Delavan has been making precision nozzles for more than 65 years and we have designed and manufactured high technology, variable width, tablet coating nozzles for a major pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer for the last 15 years.

Our latest Variable Coating Nozzle™ takes our technical leadership one step further by offering class leading atomization, superior droplet control and a host of advanced user-focused innovation

Liquid Shut Off

  • The flow of the liquid can be shut off automatically to avoid dripping
  • A special shut off sealing kit is available for use with low viscosity liquids.

Total Droplet Control

  • Consistency - Each VCN™ produces the same droplet spectrum throughout the run, every run.
  • Accuracy - Our technical expertise guarantees a closely controlled droplet spectrum
  • Adaptability - The VCN™ Unit is available in sizes ranging from 0.8 to 2.5mm and will cope with a wide variety of coating media. If you need help to specify a nozzle for your application please contact us.

Quality Assurance and Certification Inspection

  • All parts are manufactured on our world class CNC machinery and inspected at every stage of manufacture in our ISO9001 manufacturing facility.
  • Every complete unit is tested and individually serial numbered prior to dispatch
  • Characterization Certificate - We are also able to to offer a full material certificate with each nozzle (nominal charge). Droplet size characterization data can be provided on a cost covering basis

Cleaning and Service

  • Special Air-Cap design reduces build-up of coating material during the run
  • Compact design reduces disturbance of the rotating air in the drum gives more media on the product, less wastage and less cleaning
  • Rapid strip-down and re-assembly saves time between batches
  • Push in connectors eliminate the need for special tools
  • Clearly marked ports speed up re-connection and reduce operator error
  • All parts can be ultrasonically cleaned
  • Design avoids entrapment of dirt or organisms
  • All wetted metal parts are 316 Stainless Steel
  • Seals can be provided in a number of FDA approved materials to suit various coating media
  • No additional parts required for inter-connection '96 comes complete with push in connectors

Other Applications

  • Our Variable Coating Nozzle™ can be used in a wide variety of Applications wherever good control over a viscous media is required
    Speckling of confectionery
  • A custom designed system was commissioned for a leading, high-volume, confectionery manufacturer. The system used a Variable Coating Nozzle™ to produce a consistent, aesthetically pleasing, speckled effect on chocolate eggs.
  • Wax coating on metal boxes
  • A major container manufacturer required a nozzle bank to coat metal sheets with a light wax prior to being formed into box shapes. The Variable Coating Nozzle™ gives them accurate coating control and a spray width that can be changed to suit the product being formed.

Ice cream, roofing tiles, steel mandrels, multi-core data cables, chocolate and bread are some of the products that are being successfully coated by Delavan's Variable Coating Nozzle™

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