• The SDX series nozzles produce a hollow cone spray pattern with uniform particle size distribution even at low operating pressures.
  • Flow rates are certified to be within +5% of rated capacity at 65 Bar.G. and within +5° of rated spray angle when tested with water.
  • Unique, patented single inlet spiral swirl chamber offers increased nozzle life, improved produce uniformity, density or solubility.
  • Minimal friction due to nozzle design permitting 10-20% lower operating pressure than conventional slotted distributor nozzle for equivalent atomization quality.
  • Extended pump life due to lower operating pressure.
  • Reduction in fine particles is possible due to lower pressure requirements


  • Six part construction (see part and material list below).
  • O-ring seals allow assembly and disassembly without tools.
  • Body and adaptors are produced from hexagon barstock with other materials in round bar with flats.
  • Nozzle bodies and adaptors are available 316 Stainless Steel. Other materials are available on special request.
  • Orifice discs are easily removable and are available in Tungsten Carbide, Chrome Carbide and Ceramic.
  • Swirl chambers are standard in Tungsten Carbide, Hardened Stainless Steel or Ceramic.
  • End plates are available in Tungsten Carbide and Ceramic.
  • Combined swirl chamber/end plate is available in Tungsten Carbide only.
  • O-Rings are in Silicone or Viton.


  • Please indicate all component parts and materials when ordering.

Max. Design Pressure: 350 Bar.G.
Max Design Temperature: 150°

Capacity Charts