Spray Characteristics

  • Produces a solid cone pattern with extremely fine particle size
  • Requires low pressure air and very low air flow
  • Suction lift up to 1,2 metres – will operate with positive head if a shut off in liquid line is provided
  • Flow rates, spray angles and droplet sizes can be modified, with limitation, by variations in air, lift etc.
  • Clog free operation of low volume due to relatively large passages

Construction and Materials

Five part construction:

  • Nozzle Body – Brass or 416 Stainless Steel (9uc0u8260 16’94-24 UNEF thread)
  • Orifice Disc – 403F Stainless Steel, integral with body
  • Distributor – 403 F Stainless Steel
  • Screw pin – Brass or 416 Stainless Steel
  • Seal – Viton – O-Ring with Brass nozzle, or PTFE preformed seal with Stainless Steel nozzle
  • 30609 nozzles are produced in Brass with Stainless Steel metering parts
  • 30610 nozzles are produced in Stainless Steel

Order Example

  • 30610-4 = Nozzle
  • 29713-2 = Adaptor

Capacity Charts

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