Turnatip Kit

Turnatip Kit


  • The Turnatip kit utilizes the same Carbide insert as the Airless Tip but with a Brass housing to fit a Turnaflo adaptor.
  • The Brass housing is bonded to the Carbide insert and is slotted in the orifice area. The slot is also utilised for orientation purposes by using a special alignment tool.
  • Each Turnatip Kit is supplied with grubscrews, for both Delavan and competitive units, and an alignment tool.
  • The Turnatip number is stamped on the Brass housing for ease of identification e.g. D2.
  • The Turnatip is flow tested and pattern width checked in the same way as the Airless Tip.


  • Turnatip size as per order.
  • W00126 – Hardened Steel safety grubscrews for use with Turnaflow.
  • W00127 – Hardened Steel safety grubscrews for use with competitive units.
  • W00761 – Turnatip alignment tool.


  • TurnatipKit P4.

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