About us


Behind every successful company, there is a story of a driven entrepreneur, devoted to building a company—often from little or nothing. Nelson B. Delavan was the man behind the company known today as Delavan Fluid Power. Understanding Nelson Delavan helps to paint a portrait of a company that—some 80 years later—is still committed to serving its customers faithfully and delivering innovation and value to the marketplace.

Nelson B. Delavan was born in 1897 in Norwich, New York. In 1936 Nelson formed Delavan Engineering. The goal of the company was to be manufacturer’s representatives for producers of electrical and mechanical equipment in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and the Dakotas. In 1941, Nelson founded Delavan Manufacturing Company in Des Moines, Iowa to produce high precision nozzles for oil burners, agricultural spraying equipment, and special components for aircraft engines.

Nelson Delavan died in 1971, and in 1984 Delavan’s wife Elizabeth established a non-profit trust, The Nelson B. Delavan Foundation, in her late husband’s honor. This trust donates money in support of education, historical, cultural and arts-related endeavors and is still operating to this very day.


The British Standards Institute has certified that Delavan has achieved ISO 9001:2015. An internationally recognised quality management system standard that we implement within our day to day activities. We pride our-self on our customer service, quality and competitive pricing. If your in need of an Industrial Nozzle and need a reliable supplier, cut you selection time in half and put your trust in Delavan knowing we are quality certified.


Delavan will not be satisfied until its workplace is safe from hazards, its employees are injury free, its products and services are safe, and its commitment and record in protecting the natural environment are unmatched.


  • Eliminate all employee injuries by making the workplace free from hazards and unsafe actions.
  • Drive pollutants in manufacturing processes to the lowest achievable levels.
  • Conserve natural resources in the design, manufacture, use and disposal of products and delivery of services.
  • Establish safety and environmental protection standards that both comply with local laws and go beyond, when necessary, to achieve the goals of this policy.
  • Hold operating managers accountable for safety and environmental performance and for providing leadership and required resources.
  • Ensure the security of employees at all Delavan locations by creating a culture that does not tolerate workplace violence.
  • Require all employees to comply with these standards.


  • Quantify safety and environmental goals, measure progress regularly and report progress to the UTC Board of Directors, employees and communities; and respond to suggestions and needs of others.
  • Develop technologies and methods to assure safe and secure workplaces worldwide and to protect the environment, and promulgate these outside Delavan.
  • Make safety and environmental considerations priorities in new product development and investment decisions, and in our dealings with contractors and suppliers.
  • Work with governments and industry associations to advance laws and regulations supporting these goals.




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