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As the industry strives for a reduction in carbon emissions, we continue our commitment with confirmation of our A, B, and W type nozzles compatibility with B100 and HV0 fuels. Tested and ready to meet the high-standards that Delavan has established over the years.

Delavan is a proud member of Eurofuel

Real World Burner Tested.

While the characteristics of this new generation of fuels — B100 and HV0 — present various differences from standard liquid heating fuels and, correspondingly, their own sets of challenges, the proven engineering and design of Delavan nozzles have been proven to meet and exceed these challenges to continue to deliver superior combustion and performance. Extended combustion testing by RW Beckett in both HVO and FAME fuels, proved comparable throughput with renewable fuels, as with #2 fuel oil. All RW Beckett burners are certified for traditional heating oils, biodiesel and HVO.

It is also important to note that within renewable liquid fuel applications, that spray patterns and angles do not require any change, simply follow OEM burner specifications. Delavan is dedicated to ensuring our industry is ready for these fuels for today and for the next generation.

Delavan is a proud member of Eurofuel

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