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Hydrocarbon emissions are greatly reduced when the Delavan ProTek® Nozzle System is used. Hydrocarbons are typically elevated at start-up and shut-down of the nozzle firing, as both of these graphs show. When the Delavan ProTek® Nozzle System is installed, the dramatic benefits are seen in these charts which show comparative results with and without the Delavan ProTek® valve. Results will vary by application.


The Delavan ProTek® Nozzle System has been thoroughly tested. In the tests, approximately seven years of "on/off" cycle operation simulation in the laboratory with no failures. A total of 107,000 cycles were recorded. After the first 11,350 cycles, the cut-on pressures shifted upward an average of 3.0 PSI. The cut off pressure shifted up an average of 7.75 PSI. After this initial seating process, there was very little change of either "on" or "off" pressures. Very little change in nozzle flow was noted after 107,000 cycles, either. Additional testing has included pressure tests up to 500 PSI (34,5 BAR), as well as combustion tests and tests with various fuels such as kerosene, #2, and heavier oils. Detailed test results are available from Delavan Technical Services.

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