# AI Aspirating Cooling Nozzle

Delavan AI Nozzle ’96 Rectangular Aerated Spray for use on Continuous Casting Machines

# Increase Cooling Efficiency….Decrease Operating Costs
Delavan’92s patented ASPIRFLO’99 series nozzles can do both. By replacing conventional flat spray nozzles with the aspirating nozzle, you can increase cooling efficiency up to 25%

# Spray Characteristics
– Even aspirated spray
– Higher velocity than conventional nozzles
– Increase droplet surface areas
– Uses free air
– Available spray angles 40’b0, 80’b0, 110’b0, 140’b0

# Construction and Materials
– Brass or 303 stainless steel
– Available in 1/2, 3/4 or 1’94 thread
– Stainless Steel metering orifice
– Replaceable tip

Maximum Design Pressure: 200 PSI (14 Bar)
Maximum Design Temperature: 500’b0F (260’b0C)}