Internal Mix

Internal Mix


  • Good turn down ratios
  • Nominal 30° spray angle
  • Produces plume of finely atomised particles
  • Ideal for slurry atomisation
  • More wear resistant than other internal mix nozzles
  • Large internal passages reduce clogging


  • Three piece construction: Nozzle Body, Distributor and Cap.
  • Right angle version has atomising air enter from the side of nozzle and liquid from the back
  • In-line version allows for the nozzle to be placed on a lance for simple plumbing. The length of the lance can vary by providing two concentric pipes and couplings.
  • A Swirl-Air adaptor could also be used.

  • 316L Stainless Steel is standard
  • Other materials available to special order.


  • P/N 50544-4 GPM Right Angle Internal Mix Nozzle.
  • Maximum Recommended Pressure: 200 PSIg (14 Bar.G.)
  • Maximum Recommended Temperature: 1000°F (540°C)


  • Install nozzle as shown in schematic drawing. Make certain both pressure gauges are located as close to the nozzle as practical. Allow for pressure losses between gauges and nozzle when establishing settings. Shut off valves included for convenience, allowing nozzle removal without shutting down system.

Capacity Charts

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