# Continuous casting Nozzles

Delavan Rectangular RP Nozzle – For use on Thin Slab Continuous Casting Machines

# Spray Characteristics

– Produces a rectangular impact area and even distribution of water over the rectangular footprint to give soft cooling on thin slab casters

– Rectangular impact sprayed area 105’ba x 35’ba

– Large free passageway

– Self-aligning tip using the 3/4’94 dovetail design as the Delavan AD nozzle

– 5% overlap required

– Orifice in line with dovetail – no off-set required Construction and Materials

– Dovetail connection nozzle/body for positive alignment

– 3 piece construction. Body, tip and cap

– The tip is dovetail for self alignment

– Standard welded bodies are available, male and female thread bodies are available as an option

– Available in brass only

– Also available with 1/2’94 NPT thread}