Pre-Orifice Disc

  • The spray quality of most airless tips can be improve with the use of a Delavan Pre-Orifice Discs.
  • Applications previously considered impractical can now be handled by adding a Delavan Pre-Orifice.
  • Substantially lower operating pressures can be used without sacrificing spray quality.
  • Larger Airless Tip sizes may be used at lower pressures, resulting in low flow rates without clogging.
  • The Pre-Orifice Disc, which is easily installed directly behind the Airless Tip, also serves as a seal, eliminating the need for a separate gasket.
  • Pre-Orifice Discs are constructed with a Carbide insert mounted in a Stainless Steel housing.
  • Refer to the above chart and that on page H.1 to obtain the recommended Pre-Orifice Disc size.

Pre-Orifice Disc

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